Can You Wakeboard in South Florida?

If you’re visiting South Florida, or even if you’ve lived here for quite some time, you may not know that you definitely can wakeboard in South Florida. In fact, you can wakeboard, kneeboard, waterski and wakeskate at the first cable park in the United States: Ski Rixen!

Don’t know what a cable park is? It’s a way to do all your favorite watersports without having to use a boat, which makes it much more affordable with more pulls per day. You start on a dock with all your friends (or new friends!) and wait until the operator gives you a handle, then you are pulled around from above as you ride. You can just cruise around and enjoy the feeling of your favorite watersport or you can go to the next level with kickers, rails and other obstacles to hone your skills. When you fall, you just swim to the edge and walk back around to the starting dock. It couldn’t be easier and we have plenty of people to help you get started or get to the next level.

Ski Rixen is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, in the heart of South Florida between Miami and Palm Beach. Our full-service cable park features rentals, a pro shop, camps and even a huge Aquapark that’s like an obstacle course on the water! Great for riding, watching or just soaking up the warm South Florida sun, Ski Rixen is your destination for wakeboarding in South Florida.

So, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, we invite you to come out and join the Ski Rixen family!