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Outdoor Activities Broward County

Looking to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine Broward County is known for? Look no further than Ski Rixen, America’s first cable watersports park. At Ski Rixen you can cool off while enjoying the nonstop thrills that watersports have to offer. Whether you want to try waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, kneeboarding or slalom skiing, we have you covered with all the rental gear and instruction you’ll need to get started.

Let’s break it down by sport:

Waterskiing: Typically you waterski on two skis and turn by a combination of leaning and putting a little more weight on one foot. It’s a great way to experience the thrill of gliding across the water in a really natural stance and position that many people take to really quickly.

Wakeboarding: One of the most popular watersports out there, wakeboarding has you standing sideways with a board attached to your feet. It’s a similar feeling to waterskiing only in that you’re gliding across the water. Other than that, the two are totally unique experiences that each bring something different and fun to the table. You turn by putting weight on your heels or toes.

Wakeskating: This is like wakeboarding but you’re not attached to the board. So it’s like skateboarding on the water. Many riders like it for the gentle falls and technical tricks. Be careful, you’ll get hooked quickly if you try it!

Kneeboarding: Just about everyone has seen it, but have you tried it? You kneel on a wide, flat board and hold onto the handle. 360s are really simple and one of the first things you’ll learn. You turn by leaning your body in the direction you want to go.

Slalom Skiing: Getting to the more advanced side of waterskiing, slalom means you’re only on one ski, which means you can make much more aggressive turns.

And if you’ve never experienced a cable park, it’s a simple, fun way to get out on the water without having to use a boat. Multiple people can ride at the same time so it’s social and you’ll get plenty of time with your friends—and there’s plenty of opportunity to make new friends.

Ski Rixen also has an inflatable floating island called the Aquapark that’s part obstacle course and part American Ninja Warrior. It’s a blast and another great way to enjoy outdoor activities.

Let’s face it, it’s hot in Broward County. Cool off with some of the best outdoor activities at Ski Rixen!


Ski Rixen is open for special events, camps, or by the hour for individual riders looking for the next level of fun, challenging outdoor activities in South Florida!