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Outdoor Activities South Florida

South Florida is a paradise of sun and tropical weather with barely a rainy day in the forecast, so it’s only natural to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities. One of the best outdoor activities in South Florida is watersports. Cool off while you play and challenge your skills with your watersport of choice at Ski Rixen, America’s first cable park.

What is a cable park? It combines the best parts of towed watersports without the expense and hassle of a boat. Instead, a line high above your head attaches to a handle and takes you silently across the water so you can wakeboard, kneeboard, wakeskate, waterski and slalom ski in South Florida’s refreshing waters. Ride single and challenge your friends with ramps and rail slides, or ride doubles and see who falls first. It’s a blast.

Never tried towed watersports before? No problem! Our team will get you started off right with instruction and rental gear. There’s no feeling like gliding across the water while soaking up the South Florida sun!

Towed watersports aren’t your thing? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our Aquapark, a huge inflatable island that’s half playground, half obstacle course and all fun. Bounce, slide, jump and balance your way around while you race your friends. By the time you get halfway around, you’ll be begging to fall in the water to cool off. It’s just another fun outdoor activity in South Florida that you can do at Ski Rixen.


Ski Rixen is open for special events, camps, or by the hour for individual riders looking for the next level of fun, challenging outdoor activities in South Florida!