Industry Standard Rules

5Z0B6389Rules for Keeping You Safe at the Ski Rixen


1. You have to follow the rules and instruction of the Ski Rixen Staff!

2. You must be 12 years of age and older and you must be able to swim! We have no lifeguards!

3. Always ski in between the red buoys at the corners! If not in between the red buoys at the corners let go of your handle immediately.

4. If you fall or you have to let go of your rope, look back immediately and watch out for skiers, empty ropes, and equipment. Clear the ski area immediately or if necessary duck under the water head first!!!!

5. Be very cautious at turn number one (1) – HIGH ALERT AREA!!!

6. Do not swat away any empty ropes with your hand, duck under the water!!!

7. Always stay away from fallen skiers! Do not try to ski around them, let go!

8. Maximum 3 laps then EXIT at white buoys and swim to shore and walk back to start again.

9. If the machine stops let go of your handle, make sure you are safe and swim to your closest shore and walk back to start again. No deep water starts allowed at anytime!!!

10. Never put the handle between your legs, around your neck, arm, or any other body parts.

11. A water sports helmet must be worn to hit all water obstacles (kicker, slider, jump, rail, barrel, ect.) you have to use your own equipment, Ski Rixen equipment is not permitted on any obstacles. Abuse of this rule will result in disciplinary action and will void your ski pass immediately! Obstacles are only for experienced riders with personal equipment! Absolutely no beginners on obstacles!

12. Always wear a coastguard approved life jacket! Everyone must wear a water sports helmet. Ski Rixen rental helmets are not permitted on any obstacles. You must have your own watersports helmet (no SKATEBOARD, BIKE helmet, etc) in order to participate.

13. Be safe- not sorry, respect your fellow riders, take turns and be nice!

14. No reckless behavior! Ride smart!

15. Fraudulent use of wristbands will result in disciplinary actions. You use the Ski Rixen Cableway AT YOUR OWN RISK! Only ride if you understand all the safety rules and instructions! Enjoy your stay at Ski Rixen!